Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday, October 20th

Monday Assembly Script: Thanks to everyone for helping me write this fantastic script to teach the school about studiousness

Alegria and Trinity: Good Morning Everyone and we are St Hyacinth 2.

Nonoka and Ruby: We are going to talk about studiousness and what it means to us.

Meiya: Studiousness to me, means that you need to study a lot and pay attention to the teacher, and ask for help if you feel confused.

Disney: Hey Jason, What does studiousness mean to you in grade 2?

Jason: I don’t know.

Disney: Jason, remember when Ms. Davis taught us about Studiousness?

Jason: Oh YEAH! I remember, Ms. Davis said that a clean desk and a clean cubby means you have a fresh mind and you are ready to learn!

Sophie: : Hey Vivian, what’s your favorite way to study?

Vivian: My favorite way to study is to ask my grandma to help me and quiz me after I finish studying!

Vivian: Thanks Everyone! We learned a lot about studiousness. Let’s watch our favorite Tim and Moby teaching us about asking for help.

Hey Everyone,

This is the script for Monday's assembly presentation, please practice your lines :)

Today was a great day! Thanks for all your hard work, team work, and participation in class discussions :)


*Math: Chapter 3 test on Monday. Use your resources to study: study guide, enrich packet, ixl skills, textbook link, and textbook.

Reading: Sign Spelling Quiz, write incorrect words 3x each

Writing: Narrative Essay Beginning Paragraph

Science: Butterfly and Frog Life Cycle complete with color, date and title. Use the Science videos if you need to help review

Upcoming Quarter 2 Events, Parents and Students : Lots of fun and exciting events to look forward to!

Friday, October 27th is All Saint's Day. Activities begin at 1:40 parents are invited to join until 3:30pm

October 27th: All Saint's Day (what time are parents invited?, if not decided yet, no worries)
Theme: Historical Figures or Biblical Characters

November 1: All Saint's Day Mass

November 10th: Community Service Day at DISK

November 17th: Grades 1, 2 and 3 Student Showcase, 2:45-3:30 Grade 2 will present a play about the Statue of Liberty! 

November 23rd: Thanksgiving Lunch and Caves Book Fair

November 29th: Student Council Spirit Day

December 14: Christmas Mass

December 15th: Christmas Program half day

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Wish you all a wonderful weekend of studying, rest and relaxation. Enjoy the cooler weather and wash your hands often, there's a lot of sicknesses going around :)


Ms. Davis!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday, October 19

Math Website Help:

We have watched Curious George, our favorite math learning monkey on the math website. I showed you all how to log-in to the website.
1. Click above on 'Textbook Links'
2.  Click on Math log-in
3. Click on Library
4. Click on The picture of Curious George
5. You can scroll through the skills to find ones that you are looking to practice. Skills 1-10 and 11-20.

In other news, today we had a very very busy day! Everyday is a busy day it seems lately!

A few updates: in math, we are about to finish Chapter 3. Remember IXL practice for subtraction, math website information above, study guides and enrich packets are all resources for studying!

In reading, we have been reviewing the text and graphic features, reviewing comprehension, and learning so many interesting facts about animals!

In science class, we classified different kinds of animals! We learned about each group of animal and what they are covered with, how they breathe, where they live, and how they have babies! This has been a great connection with animal needs in science, animal shelters in reading, and human needs and wants in social studies!

In Social studies we looked at the difference between needs and wants and how we can make a choice when we can only get a few things we want!


Reading:*spelling quiz tomorrow*
*Lesson 6 comprehension quiz next Thursday*

Math: Enrich 3.10
Study guide due tomorrow
Chapter 3 test on Monday

Writing: Narrative pre-writing chart to be finished. Most of us completed this in class, just put a few final details on there to complete this tonight!

Other #1: Today we began our Reader's Theater presentation for our Grades 1,2 and 3 Student Showcase on November 17th. Please practice your lines when you have time :) We are really excited about our exciting play and coming to America!

Other: All Saint's Day! We will have activities next Friday from 1:40-3:30. Parents are invited to join!

The theme this year is: Hereos and Historical Figures and Biblical figures. Jesus, Mother Mary, George Washington, Etc.

Remember as we are a catholic school, no scary costumes, no blood, no weapons, only appropriate costumes only. Please bring your costume to school and I will help everyone after Chinese class to put their costumes on for the afternoon of activities!

Have a fantastic evening! Thank you for your questions while you have been studying at home, I am happy to help review again in class and give any help I can!


Ms. Davis

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday, October 18th

Hello and Happy Wednesday to Everyone!

What a fun and busy day we had! Great job on your spirit, wearing Red, White, and Blue!!


*Reading: Vocabulary Sentences in Word Work Notebook #5-8 are due tomorrow :)
Spelling Test on Friday!

Math: Enrich 3.9
Study Guide due Friday
Chapter 3 Test on Monday
Please use IXL for review and practice!

Writing: Journals due tomorrow! Remember it is important to fulfill one answer with at least 3-5 sentences rather than answering many questions. Please choose only 1 question and answer it with lots of details. Use your senses to add details. What does it look like, feel like, sound like, etc.

Have a relaxed and peaceful evening. Rest and Recharge for another fun-filled grade 2 super duper day tomorrow!


Ms. Davis

Secret Blog Message: Please tell me one doubles fact for your blog message ;)

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday, October 17th

Today is Tuesday!

This morning in Reading class, we retold our story and reread our story, Animals Building Homes. We had a great class discussion about animals and their homes! What a great start to Quarter 2 reading! We will continue discussing Animals homes in Science class, too!

In Math class, we used bar models (remember chocolate bar sharing!) to solve word problems using addition and subtraction! You received your Chapter 3 study guide, to be completed by Friday.

This afternoon in Science class, we began Unit 3: All About Animals! We completed lesson 1, what are animal needs?

In Social Studies class we crafted our buckets, as we are all bucket fillers! We have been talking about filling up others buckets, and filling our own. You can share this story with your family and fill each others buckets at home, too!

This quarter we will be working on time management, we will address long term assignments each day.


Math: Enrich 3.8
Study Guide due Friday (there are approximately 12 pages, 3-4 pages each day will help you complete it by Friday)

Chapter 3 test on Monday
*In addition to the study guide, you have IXL skills to practice, too!*

Writing: Journals due Thursday. Choose one sentence starter or question to answer in your journal and turn it in by Thursday. You may turn it in earlier if you are finished. You should write at least 3-5 sentences per week, but you may write more!

Reading: Word Work Vocabulary Sentences 1-4 due tomorrow. Sentences 5-8 will be due on Thursday. You may work ahead if you like.

TOMORROW is STUDENT COUNCIL SPIRIT DAY. Wear RED, WHITE, AND BLUE to represent the colors of Taiwan and Thailand's flags!

Other: Have a fantastic evening. Remember to keep those homework folders clean, bring pencils to class, and fill up buckets along the way!


Ms. Davis

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Monday, October 16th

Good Monday Afternoon,
Today we welcomed the students from Thailand! These students will be joining us until Thursday! Please show your best behavior and respectful manners to make our visitors feel welcomed and united with DISK!
The students enjoyed the assembly and had a morning of Music and Art classes. After Chinese this afternoon, we got started with Quarter 2!
We continued subtraction in Math! Answering this question "How does getting to 10 in subtraction help me solve the problem?"
In Reading class, we began lesson 6: Animals Building Homes.
After reading class, we learned about being bucket fillers!
Tonight's Homework:
Reading: Read along with Animals Building Homes in this video :
Write spelling words 3x each
Write Spelling Words 3x each
Math: Enrich 3.6 and 3.7
Other: have a relaxing evening. Remember we are beginning quarter 2, don't forget to bring pencils to school :)

Just a reminder, tomorrow, Tuesday is Parent Teacher Meeting. I will review Quarter 1 achievements and highlights and review what will be studied in Quarter 2!  :)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Friday, October 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!!

Congratulations Everyone! I am so proud of you! All of your hard work and studying has paid off! You are finished quarter 1!

Image result for congratulations finished exams

Please relax and enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the beautiful (hopefully!) weather and the outdoors! Get some fresh air and relax your mind!

Monday we will have a fresh start to quarter 2! Be sure to remember to bring pencils and erasers, and any new notebooks if your notebooks have been filled up this quarter!


Science: Please watch the Unit 3: All About Animals Video:
Lesson 1: What are animal needs?

Other 1: Remember you all have an IXL list in your email! Please continue to work on  those lists to sharpen those language and math skills :) 

Other: Secret blog message: You are my sunshine !

Just a reminder,  Tuesday is Parent Teacher Meeting. I will review Quarter 1 achievements and highlights and review what will be studied in Quarter 2! Hope to see you all!

Sincerely a very proud grade 2 teacher,

Ms. Davis

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thursday, October 12th

3 down, 2 more to go!

JIYO! You can do it!

Today we had a very productive study and test day. We began with our morning test meditation, relaxing, breathing deeply and focusing our minds. Great job on Math and Reading today, everyone!

This evening please take time to relax your mind, your body and prepare for tomorrow's tests.

We will take Writing first, then Social Studies.



Please clean out your homework folder for quarter 2. The writing worksheets and math packets can be kept at home in a safe place or I can store them for you here in the classroom. You may want to keep these to refer back to throughout the school year.

Everything else, should be turned in to me to keep in your portfolios.

Monday, October 16th we will begin quarter 2!

Have a lovely evening everyone, cannot wait to see your smiling faces again tomorrow!

PS. Tomorrow is casual friday! If you have read the blog tonight, you may dress in casual clothes, it's like a secret blog message to see who is reading our super messages on here!

Tuesday is Parent Teacher Meeting. I will review Quarter 1 achievements and highlights and review what will be studied in Quarter 2! Hope to see you all!


Ms. D

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Friday, October 20th

Monday Assembly Script: Thanks to everyone for helping me write this fantastic script to teach the school about studiousness Alegria and ...